1. depletion

noun. ['dɪˈpliːʃən'] the act of decreasing something markedly.


  • consumption
  • exhaustion
  • using up
  • step-down
  • decrease
  • diminution
  • reduction
  • expenditure


  • strengthen
  • fill
  • supply
  • strengthening

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Rhymes with Depletion

  • carburetion
  • excretion
  • completion
  • secretion
  • venetian
  • phoenician
  • deletion
  • accretion
  • grecian
  • tieszen

How do you pronounce depletion?

Pronounce depletion as dɪˈpliʃən.

US - How to pronounce depletion in American English

UK - How to pronounce depletion in British English

Sentences with depletion

1. Noun, singular or mass
The doctor may also switch you to other classes of antihypertensives that do not cause zinc depletion.

Quotes about depletion

1. Some people insist on inviting me to their drama buffet... No thanks! My soul hungers for nourishment and growth; it doesn't lust for poison and depletion.
- Steve Maraboli

2. depletion

noun. ['dɪˈpliːʃən'] the state of being depleted.


  • temporary state


  • classification
  • inflation