1. deodorant

noun. ['diːˈoʊdɝənt'] a toiletry applied to the skin in order to mask unpleasant odors.


  • toilet articles
  • toiletry

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Rhymes with Deodorant

  • abandonment
  • abatement
  • aberrant
  • abhorrent
  • abortifacient
  • abridgement
  • absent
  • absorbent
  • abstinent
  • abundant
  • accelerant
  • accident
  • accompaniment
  • accompaniment
  • accomplishment
  • accountant
  • accouterment
  • accoutrement
  • achievement
  • acknowledgement

How do you pronounce deodorant?

Pronounce deodorant as diˈoʊdərənt.

US - How to pronounce deodorant in American English

UK - How to pronounce deodorant in British English

Sentences with deodorant

1. Adjective
You may have inadvertently rubbed it against a garment when trying to put deodorant onto a specific body part.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Roll down the new deodorant so there is a bit of space at the top.

Quotes about deodorant

1. Success is a great deodorant.
- Elizabeth Taylor

2. When I was a little boy, I used to work in a sweatshop. We made deodorant.
- Jarod Kintz, It Occurred to Me

3. Success is a great deodorant.
- Elizabeth Taylor