1. deliciously

adverb. ['dɪˈlɪʃəʃli'] in a very pleasurable manner.

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Rhymes with Deliciously

  • actually
  • bearishly
  • bullishly
  • devilishly
  • devilishly
  • especially
  • feverishly
  • foolishly
  • freshly
  • ghoulishly
  • girlishly
  • harshly
  • lavishly
  • leschly
  • lushly
  • partially
  • sheepishly
  • slavishly
  • sluggishly
  • specially

Sentences with deliciously

1. Adverb
Ripe plantains are deliciously sweet and ready to eat as you would a banana.

Quotes about deliciously

1. I kept loving and loving and loving. Every waking hour, I marveled on how these moments would make made me feel. I wanted to love the world and be the change it so deliciously craved.
- Robert M. Drake

2. deliciously

adverb. ['dɪˈlɪʃəʃli'] so as to produce a delightful taste.


  • lusciously