1. deductible

adjective. ['dɪˈdʌktəbəl'] acceptable as a deduction (especially as a tax deduction).


  • loss

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Rhymes with Deductible

  • destructable
  • ineluctible

How do you pronounce deductible?

Pronounce deductible as dɪˈdəktəbəl.

US - How to pronounce deductible in American English

UK - How to pronounce deductible in British English

Sentences with deductible

1. Adjective
You will likely still have to pay a deductible or co-pay when you need service.

2. deductible

noun. ['dɪˈdʌktəbəl'] a clause in an insurance policy that relieves the insurer of responsibility to pay the initial loss up to a stated amount.


  • clause


  • standard
  • nonstandard

3. deductible

noun. ['dɪˈdʌktəbəl'] (taxes) an amount that can be deducted (especially for the purposes of calculating income tax).


  • amount
  • sum
  • amount of money


  • negativity
  • decrease
  • increase
  • adequacy