1. darkened

adjective. ['ˈdɑːrkənd'] become or made dark by lack of light.


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Sentences with darkened

1. Verb, past participle
A majority of the picture is darkened with a lighter square in the middle of the picture.

2. Adjective
The darkened interior features stone slab floors, wooden stools, communal tables and a full bar.

Quotes about darkened

1. The darkening of the world makes the irrationality of art rational: radically darkened art.
- Theodor W. Adorno, Aesthetic Theory

2. Night always turns to day again as long as the sun shall rise, so shall it be for darkened dreams grown pale from compromise
- Tracy L. Conway, I Wandered from New Orleans: Poems from the South

3. Thousands of persons, many of whom never darkened the door of a college, have learned to read books that most of our college graduates fear to tackle. teachers who understand this fact can help a student read the books that educated the Founding Fathers but not by explaining in lectures what the author would have said if he had been as bright as the lecturer.
- Stringfellow Barr

2. darkened

adjective. ['ˈdɑːrkənd'] (of fabrics and paper) grown dark in color over time.


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