1. dancing

noun. ['ˈdænsɪŋ'] taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music.


  • choreography
  • performing arts
  • ritual dancing
  • skank
  • phrase
  • recreation
  • pas de quatre
  • pas seul
  • pavan
  • social dancing
  • saraband
  • nautch dance
  • pavane
  • dance
  • diversion
  • stage dancing
  • nautch
  • variation
  • adagio
  • ceremonial dance
  • step dancing
  • mambo
  • terpsichore
  • pas de deux
  • pas de trois
  • duet
  • saltation
  • break dancing
  • toe dance
  • nauch
  • slam dance
  • slam dancing
  • hoofing
  • ritual dance
  • courante
  • toe dancing


  • inactivity
  • stand still
  • antitype
  • fast

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Rhymes with Dancing

  • refinancing
  • romancing
  • financing
  • enhancing
  • advancing
  • prancing
  • glancing
  • sansing
  • lansing
  • lancing

Sentences with dancing

1. Noun, singular or mass
Also showcased are break dancing and flow contest as well as free soft drinks and games.

2. Verb, gerund or present participle
The procession is often accompanied by a band and lively music, with the baraatis dancing along the way.

3. Adjective
Check the two sets of data to see if dancing skills affect reflexes and response time in other areas.

Quotes about dancing

1. Every time I've done comedy in, like, traditional comedy clubs, there's always these comedians that do really well with audiences but that the other comedians hate because they're just, you know, doing kind of cheap stuff like dancing around or doing, like, very kind of base sex humor a lot, and stuff like that.
- Aziz Ansari

2. Football is an art, like dancing is an art - but only when it's well done does it become an art.
- Arsene Wenger

3. And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

2. dancing-master

noun. a professional teacher of dancing.


  • professional dancer
  • terpsichorean
  • teacher
  • dancer
  • instructor