1. damnation

noun. ['dæmˈneɪʃən'] the act of damning.


  • denouncement


  • unskillfulness
  • nonexistence

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Rhymes with Damnation

  • deinstitutionalization
  • institutionalization
  • self-congratulation
  • antidiscrimination
  • telecommunication
  • nondiscrimination
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  • mischaracterization
  • internationalization
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  • misinterpretation
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  • transplantation
  • singularization
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  • reinterpretation

How do you pronounce damnation?

Pronounce damnation as dæmˈneɪʃən.

US - How to pronounce damnation in American English

UK - How to pronounce damnation in British English

Sentences with damnation

1. Noun, singular or mass
Puritans believed that God chose who would be saved and who would be chosen for eternal damnation.

Quotes about damnation

1. If I say your voice is an amber waterfall in which I yearn to burn each day, if you eat my mouth like a mystical rose with powers of healing and damnation, If I confess that your body is the only civilization I long to experience… would it mean that we are close to knowing something about love?
- Aberjhani, Visions of a Skylark Dressed in Black

2. Despair is the price one pays for setting oneself an impossible aim. It is, one is told, the unforgivable sin, but it is a sin the corrupt or evil man never practices. He always has hope. He never reaches the freezing-point of knowing absolute failure. Only the man of goodwill carries always in his heart this capacity for damnation.
- Graham Greene

2. damnation

noun. ['dæmˈneɪʃən'] the state of being condemned to eternal punishment in Hell.


  • state
  • eternal damnation


  • action
  • inactiveness
  • unemployment