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1. dado (v.)

cut a dado into or fit into a dado


2. dado (n.)

panel forming the lower part of an interior wall when it is finished differently from the rest of the wall


3. dado (n.)

the section of a pedestal between the base and the surbase


4. sago (n.)

powdery starch from certain sago palms; used in Asia as a food thickener and textile stiffener


5. dado (v.)

provide with a dado


6. dado (n.)

a rectangular groove cut into a board so that another piece can fit into it


7. dalo (n.)

herb of the Pacific islands grown throughout the tropics for its edible root and in temperate areas as an ornamental for its large glossy leaves


8. ago (adj.)

gone by; or in the past

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9. dag (n.)

a flap along the edge of a garment; used in medieval clothing