1. cytochrome

noun. (biochemistry) a class of hemoprotein whose principal biological function is electron transfer (especially in cellular respiration).


  • hemoprotein
  • cytochrome c
  • heme
  • hematin
  • protoheme
  • haem
  • haemoprotein

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Sentences with cytochrome

1. Noun, singular or mass
Because grapefruit can interfere with the activity of cytochrome p450, it may also alter the way your body breaks down different medications.

2. Adjective
Many medications are broken down by the liver using an enzyme called cytochrome P450, which is inhibited by grapefruit juice.

3. Verb, base form
“One of them, cytochrome P3A4, is responsible for degrading a number of the most commonly used statin drugs,” he explains.