1. cylindrical

adjective. ['səˈlɪndrɪkəl, sɪˈlɪndrɪkəl'] having the form of a cylinder.


  • cylindric


  • prolate
  • oblate


  • -ical (English)
  • cylinder (English)
  • cylindrus (Latin)

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Rhymes with Cylindrical

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  • acoustical
  • aeronautical
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  • agrochemical
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How do you pronounce cylindrical?

Pronounce cylindrical as sɪˈlɪndrɪkəl.

US - How to pronounce cylindrical in American English

UK - How to pronounce cylindrical in British English

Sentences with cylindrical

1. Adjective
One such trap is cylindrical and fits inside an active tunnel.

Quotes about cylindrical

1. The Earth is cylindrical, three times as wide as it is deep, and only the upper part is inhabited. But this Earth is isolated in space, and the sky is a complete sphere in the center of which is located, unsupported, our cylinder, the Earth, situated at an equal distance from all the points of the sky.
- Anaximander

2. cylindrical-stemmed

adjective. having a cylindrical stem.


  • stemmed
  • cauline


  • stemmed
  • stemless