1. currently

adverb. ['ˈkɝːəntli'] at this time or period; now.


  • -ly (English)
  • -lice (Old English (ca. 450-1100))
  • current (English)
  • curraunt (Middle English (1100-1500))

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Rhymes with Currently

  • abruptly
  • absolutely
  • abundantly
  • accidently
  • accurately
  • acutely
  • adamantly
  • adequately
  • adequately
  • adroitly
  • affectionately
  • alertly
  • alternately
  • apparently
  • appropriately
  • approximately
  • aptly
  • ardently
  • arrogantly
  • astutely

How do you spell currently? Is it curretly ?

A common misspelling of currently is curretly

Sentences with currently

1. Adverb
Make a list of the stocks you have holdings in currently and those that you are considering investing in.

Quotes about currently

1. Corporations, consumers, and citizens must begin acting in concert to create a powerful third pillar of social transformation if we hope to meet the social challenges we currently face with equal force. This begins with corporations that choose to alter how they practice capitalism in two ways to serve the greater good.
- Simon Mainwaring

2. My heart is locked away in a cage surrounded by ribs. That’s to protect it, and to keep the world safe. It’s currently serving a life sentence.
- Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

3. Love has a shape, but no color. You’re probably wondering, “If it’s transparent, how do you know what shape it is?” Good question. Well, for one thing, I put it together, and for another, I’m currently wearing it like body armor (though to the casual observer, I appear naked).
- Jarod Kintz, This is the best book I've ever written, and it still sucks