1. cuisine

noun. ['kwɪˈziːn'] the practice or manner of preparing food or the food so prepared.


  • preparation
  • haute cuisine
  • gastronomy
  • rechauffe
  • nouvelle cuisine
  • culinary art
  • cooking
  • dim sum


  • ready
  • resolution

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Example sentences of the word cuisine

1. Noun, singular or mass
But the glory of Italy's cuisine is its response to the calendar.

Quotes containing the word cuisine

1. Pasta isn't just for Italian food anymore. Now there are tasty pasta recipes found in Asian cuisine, and it's emerging as a newfound love for vegans.
- Marcus Samuelsson

2. The art of the cuisine, when fully mastered, is the one human capability of which only good things can be said.
- Friedrich Durrenmatt

3. I think Spain will always remain inspirational, and I think French cuisine will continue to be very French and yet very relevant with its time and keep evolving. But the last thing you want for it is to become too trendy and confusing. It has too much history.
- Daniel Boulud