1. crippling

adjective. ['ˈkrɪpəlɪŋ, ˈkrɪplɪŋ'] that cripples or disables or incapacitates.


  • disabling
  • incapacitating


  • nontoxic
  • wholesome
  • antiseptic

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Rhymes with Crippling

  • stripling
  • tripling
  • kipling

Sentences with crippling

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
These ailments would have been crippling, and solitary hunters would not have lived long with them.

2. Adjective
Rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disorder, is the most crippling form of arthritis.

3. Noun, singular or mass
Foot pain can severe and crippling, and make walking even short distances difficult.

Quotes about crippling

1. There is no intensity of love or feeling that does not involve the risk of crippling hurt. It is a duty to take this risk, to love and feel without defense or reserve.
- William S. Burroughs