1. coursing

noun. ['ˈkɔrsɪŋ'] hunting with dogs (usually greyhounds) that are trained to chase game (such as hares) by sight instead of by scent.


  • hunt

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How do you pronounce coursing?

Pronounce coursing as ˈkɔrsɪŋ.

US - How to pronounce coursing in American English

UK - How to pronounce coursing in British English

Sentences with coursing

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
Adrenaline junkies will enjoy class 4 and 5 whitewater coursing down narrow creeks in Texas hill country.

2. Noun, singular or mass
These include competitive obedience, rally obedience, conformation, lure coursing and versatility title.

Quotes about coursing

1. Because when I read, I don't really read; I pop a beautiful sentence into my mouth and suck it like a fruit drop, or I sip it like a liqueur until the thought dissolves in me like alcohol, infusing brain and heart and coursing on through the veins to the root of each blood vessel.
- Bohumil Hrabal, Too Loud a Solitude

2. I used to float along in all of this, like a leaf on a coursing stream, but i am heavier now, less easily moved, more resolute and steadfast. I am no longer in pursuit of happiness. As I stand here at my front door, key in hand, I think it is just possible that happiness, at least for now, today, this hour, may be in pursuit of me.
- Anne Giardini, The Sad Truth About Happiness

3. The Stink of Hate {Couplet} When haters write they raise a stink;must be the venom coursing through their ink.
- Beryl Dov