1. corrupted

adjective. ['kɝˈʌptɪd'] ruined in character or quality.


  • vitiated
  • corrupt


  • high
  • pure
  • unimpaired

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Rhymes with Corrupted

  • uninterrupted
  • disrupted
  • interrupted
  • erupted

Sentences with corrupted

1. Adjective
Look for the corrupted workbook on the list.

2. Verb, past participle
Windows may also prompt you to format the drive if it has been corrupted.

Quotes about corrupted

1. The optimist underestimates how difficult it is to achieve real change, believing that anything is possible and it's possible now. Only by confronting head-on the reality that all progress is going to be obstructed by vested interests and corrupted by human venality can we create realistic programmes that actually have a chance of success.
- Julian Baggini

2. Success is a sort of metaphysical experience. I live exactly as I did before - only on a slightly bigger scale. Naturally, I won't be corrupted. I'll sit there in my Rolls, uncorrupted, and tell my chauffeur, uncorruptedly, where to go.
- Tom Stoppard

3. America is an empire. I hope you know that now. All empires, by definition, are bumbling, shambolic, bullying, bureaucratic affairs, as certain of the rightness of their cause in infancy, as they are corrupted by power in their dotage.
- Felix Dennis

2. corrupted

adjective. ['kɝˈʌptɪd'] containing errors or alterations.


  • imperfect


  • moral
  • incorruptness