1. corps

noun. ['ˈkɔr, ˈkɔrz'] an army unit usually consisting of two or more divisions and their support.


  • regular army
  • army corps
  • army unit
  • Women's Army Corps
  • WAC
  • division
  • Reserve Officers Training Corps
  • ground forces
  • army


  • Phanerogamae
  • middle
  • end
  • misconception


  • corps (French)
  • corpus (Latin)

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Rhymes with Corps

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  • guarantors
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How do you pronounce corps?

Pronounce corps as kɔrz.

US - How to pronounce corps in American English

UK - How to pronounce corps in British English

Sentences with corps

1. Noun, singular or mass
Trails are set up around the lakes and in the area owned by the corps.

Quotes about corps

1. To me, one of the best faces America has ever projected is the face of a Peace Corps volunteer. That face symbolizes this country: young, curious, brimming with idealism and hope - and a real, honest compassion.
- Teresa Heinz

2. I wish the Peace Corps and its volunteers continued success and perseverance. We are grateful for their contributions to society and dedication to providing assistance where it is needed. May the Peace Corps continue its legacy of service, both at home and abroad.
- Kenny Marchant

3. I am proud to represent these men and women who empower people in developing nations and promote the Peace Corps mission of peace and friendship. These volunteers are making major strides to improve the lives of people and communities around the world.
- Kenny Marchant

2. corps

noun. ['ˈkɔr, ˈkɔrz'] a body of people associated together.


  • corps diplomatique
  • body
  • diplomatic corps


  • artifact
  • thinness
  • breakableness
  • solidity


  • corps (French)
  • corpus (Latin)