Rhymes with Convertible

  • able
  • abominable
  • acceptable
  • acceptable
  • accessible
  • accountable
  • accountable
  • achievable
  • acknowledgeable
  • acknowledgeable
  • actionable
  • adaptable
  • addressable
  • adjustable
  • admirable
  • admirable
  • admissible
  • adoptable
  • adorable
  • advisable

How do you pronounce convertible?

Pronounce convertible as kənˈvərtəbəl.

US - How to pronounce convertible in American English

UK - How to pronounce convertible in British English

How do you spell convertible? Is it convertable ?

A common misspelling of convertible is convertable

Sentences with convertible

1. Adjective
Detach the snaps at the front corner of the convertible top.

3. convertible

adjective. ['kənˈvɝːtəbəl'] capable of being changed in substance as if by alchemy.

4. convertible

adjective. ['kənˈvɝːtəbəl'] designed to be changed from one use or form to another.