1. contaminated

adjective. ['kənˈtæməˌneɪtəd, kənˈtæməˌneɪtɪd'] rendered unwholesome by contaminants and pollution.


  • impure


  • impurity
  • processed

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Words that Rhyme with Contaminated

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Example sentences of the word contaminated

1. Verb, past participle
True or not, raw eggs can lead to kitty food poisoning if contaminated.

2. Adjective
Proponents of black walnut as an herbal remedy recommend the substance for travelers to areas with contaminated water supplies.

Quotes containing the word contaminated

1. Intelligent, thinking people could take things like this in their stride, just as they took the larger absurdities of deadly dull jobs in the city and deadly dull homes in the suburbs. Economic circumstances might force you to live in this environment, but the important thing was to keep from being contaminated. The important thing, always, was to remember who you were.
- Richard Yates, Revolutionary Road

2. mercury-contaminated

adjective. contaminated by mercury.


  • pure

3. contaminated

adjective. ['kənˈtæməˌneɪtəd, kənˈtæməˌneɪtɪd'] corrupted by contact or association.


  • clean