1. consummated

adjective. ['ˈkɑːnsəˌmeɪtəd'] brought to completion.


  • completed


  • incomplete

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Rhymes with Consummated

  • abbreviated
  • abdicated
  • abutted
  • accommodated
  • accosted
  • acquitted
  • acted
  • activated
  • adapted
  • addicted
  • adjusted
  • admitted
  • adopted
  • advocated
  • affiliated
  • afflicted
  • aggravated
  • aggregated
  • agitated
  • alienated

Sentences with consummated

1. Verb, past tense
Once the four days passed, they consummated their marriage.

2. Verb, past participle
A mortgage is consummated in a contract known as a Promissory Note.

Quotes about consummated

1. Dusty, dark, cold, and hard, coal has no beauty of its own, but when it is consummated by fire it is beautiful and becomes what it was designed to be.
- Frederica Mathewes-Green, At the Corner of East and Now: A Modern Life in Ancient Christian Orthodoxy