1. consumer

noun. ['kənˈsuːmɝ'] a person who uses goods or services.


  • snuff user
  • customer
  • profligate
  • feeder
  • snuffer
  • juicer
  • client
  • prodigal
  • user
  • chewer
  • toper
  • imbiber
  • squanderer
  • smoker
  • concert-goer
  • tobacco user
  • music lover
  • drinker


  • moral
  • thrifty
  • distributary
  • nondrinker

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Rhymes with Consumer Durables

  • nondurables

Sentences with consumer-durables

1. Noun Phrase
They are likely to be interested in consumer durables such as cars and refrigerators.

2. Noun Phrase
Plastic is used in packaging consumer durables because it is one of the cheapest choices.

3. Noun Phrase
Soft goods are very similar to consumer durables, but with a slightly shorter anticipated length of use.

4. Noun Phrase
The broad category of consumer durables and apparel is part of the sector.

2. durables

noun. ['ˈdʊrəbəlz'] consumer goods that are not destroyed by use.


  • appliance
  • consumer goods
  • durable goods