1. constrictor

noun. ['kənˈstrɪktɝ'] any of various large nonvenomous snakes that kill their prey by crushing it in its coils.


  • snake
  • serpent
  • ophidian


  • good person

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Rhymes with Constrictor

  • predictor
  • stricter
  • stichter
  • schlichter
  • viktor
  • victor
  • richter
  • nichter
  • lichter
  • fiechter
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How do you pronounce constrictor?

Pronounce constrictor as kənˈstrɪktər.

US - How to pronounce constrictor in American English

UK - How to pronounce constrictor in British English

Sentences with constrictor

1. Noun, singular or mass
The male boa constrictor will often climb on top of the female and squeeze her with his body.