1. connectivity

noun. ['kənɛkˈtɪvɪti'] the property of being connected or the degree to which something has connections.


  • isotropy

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Rhymes with Connectivity

  • oversensitivity
  • retroactivity
  • subjectivity
  • reflexivity
  • productivity
  • hyperactivity
  • expressivity
  • sensitivity
  • receptivity
  • objectivity
  • interactivity
  • inactivity
  • aggressivity
  • passivity
  • activity

How do you pronounce connectivity?

Pronounce connectivity as kənɛkˈtɪvɪti.

US - How to pronounce connectivity in American English

UK - How to pronounce connectivity in British English

Sentences with connectivity

1. Noun, singular or mass
Attempt a phone call from your new phone to test connectivity.

Quotes about connectivity

1. Positivity is a connectivity between Heart-to-Heart and not Mind-to-Mind as that is only equal Profitability.
- Anuj Somany