1. confirmed

adjective. ['kənˈfɝːmd'] of persons; not subject to change.


  • changelessness

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Rhymes with Confirmed

  • reaffirmed
  • infirmed
  • affirmed
  • termed

Sentences with confirmed

1. Adjective
The most widely accepted treatment for pigs with confirmed pinkeye is antibiotic ointment.

2. Verb, past participle
This was confirmed by a systematic review and meta-analysis published in the April 2019 issue of JMIR mHealth uHealth.

3. Verb, past tense
A microchip is impossible to remove, so your pet can be identified and your ownership of him confirmed.

Quotes about confirmed

1. I walked to the door where Clovis waited. When I looked up, he was staring at Adam. A quick glance backward confirmed Adam was returning his stare. Freaking males, I thought, they couldn’t be more obvious about their territorial dispute if they’d both peed on me.
- Jaye Wells, Red-Headed Stepchild

2. I believe in evidence. I believe in observation, measurement, and reasoning, confirmed by independent observers. I'll believe anything, no matter how wild and ridiculous, if there is evidence for it. The wilder and more ridiculous something is, however, the firmer and more solid the evidence will have to be.
- Isaac Asimov, The Roving Mind

3. Rohan, one of us is an unmarried man with superior mathematical abilities and no prospects for the evening. The other is a confirmed lecher in an amorous mood, with a willing and nubile young wife waiting at home. Who do you think should do the damned account books?"And, with a nonchalant wave, St. Vincent had left the office.
- Lisa Kleypas, Mine Till Midnight

2. confirmed

adjective. ['kənˈfɝːmd'] having been established or made firm or received the rite of confirmation.


  • inconstant