1. concurrent

adjective. ['kənˈkɝːənt'] occurring or operating at the same time.


  • coinciding
  • coincidental
  • synchronous
  • co-occurrent
  • synchronic
  • cooccurring
  • simultaneous
  • synchronal


  • incongruent
  • diachronic
  • unsynchronous
  • nonparallel

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Rhymes with Concurrent

  • intercurrent
  • recurrent
  • weren't

How do you pronounce concurrent?

Pronounce concurrent as kənˈkərənt.

US - How to pronounce concurrent in American English

UK - How to pronounce concurrent in British English

Sentences with concurrent

1. Adjective
Meetings are also required for better utilisation and coordination of staff in case of two or three concurrent projects.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Two general types of concurrent estate would be subject to partition.

Quotes about concurrent

1. Concurrent time is a state of time where all the happenings occur at the same time. The creations of the present are influenced by both the past and the future actions and all the three interact where even a future event can change what can happen in the present.
- Stephen Richards, Be First: Achieve Every Dream