1. concerto

noun. ['kənˈtʃɛrtoʊ'] a composition for orchestra and a soloist.


  • classical music
  • serious music
  • classical


  • nonstandard

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Rhymes with Concerto

  • diliberto
  • ciliberto
  • ruberto
  • roberto
  • liberto
  • huberto

How do you pronounce concerto?

Pronounce concerto as kənˈʧɛrtoʊ.

US - How to pronounce concerto in American English

UK - How to pronounce concerto in British English

Sentences with concerto

1. Noun, singular or mass
A small May 2012 study published in Experimental Psychology revealed that people who listened to Vivaldi’s uplifting “Spring” concerto experienced greater levels of alertness and improved cognitive capacity.