1. concentric

adjective. ['kənˈsɛntrɪk'] having a common center.


  • homocentric
  • coaxial
  • coaxal


  • nut
  • eccentric person
  • whacko
  • flake

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Rhymes with Concentric

  • anthropocentric
  • ethnocentric
  • afrocentric
  • geocentric
  • egocentric
  • eccentric

Sentences with concentric

1. Adjective
The concentric part of your exercise will start when the muscle begins to shorten in length.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Check the top of your iPhone's screen for the blue Wi-Fi concentric circles.

3. Verb, base form
Most exercises start in the eccentric position, then progress to concentric.

Quotes about concentric

1. Le Corbusier was the sort of relentlessly rational intellectual that only France loves wholeheartedly, the logician who flies higher and higher in ever-decreasing concentric circles until, with one last, utterly inevitable induction, he disappears up his own fundamental aperture and emerges in the fourth dimension as a needle-thin umber bird.
- Tom Wolfe, From Bauhaus to Our House