1. composer

noun. ['kəmˈpoʊzɝ'] someone who composes music as a profession.


  • songwriter
  • musician
  • ballad maker
  • psalmist
  • contrapuntist
  • songster

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Rhymes with Composer

  • disposer
  • droser
  • closer
  • tozer
  • rozar
  • rowser
  • roser
  • roeser
  • mozer
  • moser
  • moeser
  • loeser
  • kozar
  • koser
  • joser
  • goeser
  • bowser
  • boser
  • oeser

Sentences with composer

1. Noun, singular or mass
List the composer’s name first: last name, comma and then first name.

Quotes about composer

1. As a composer and as a musician I'm a true believer - and this is not to be overly diplomatic - I'm a believer that there's artistry in everything from a lawn gnome to a desk chair to a symphony to an Andy Warhol painting. There's art in absolutely everything.
- Darren Criss

2. I also had a brother who was like me a musician and a composer. A man of great talent, far more gifted than I. He died very young... he killed himself in the prime of his life.
- Gustav Mahler

3. Hemidemisemiquaver [10w] The composer evened the score by ending in a hemidemisemiquaver.
- Beryl Dov