1. collaborative

adjective. ['kəˈlæbɝˌeɪtɪv, kəˈlæbrətɪv'] accomplished by collaboration.


  • separate


  • -ive (English)
  • -if (Anglo-Norman)
  • collaborate (English)

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Rhymes with Collaborative

  • alternative
  • captive
  • causative
  • causative
  • cognitive
  • collaborative
  • collective
  • combative
  • commemorative
  • commemorative
  • communicative
  • comparative
  • conductive
  • congestive
  • connective
  • constructive
  • consultative
  • contemplative
  • contraceptive
  • convective

Sentences with collaborative

1. Adjective
The Microsoft Exchange Server is a collaborative communication server that is used in organizations and businesses.

Quotes about collaborative

1. We can all agree that government can't solve the obesity crisis alone. It's an ongoing issue that will require a collaborative effort across private and public sectors if we want to see some long-term success.
- Marcus Samuelsson

2. I've always valued and encouraged teamwork, and that collaborative spirit of we versus I is core to Intuit's success. Innovation has been part of Intuit's DNA for nearly 30 years.
- Brad D. Smith