1. collaboration

noun. ['kəˌlæbɝˈeɪʃən'] act of working jointly.


  • cooperation


  • nonconformity
  • noncompliance

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Rhymes with Collaboration

  • deinstitutionalization
  • institutionalization
  • self-congratulation
  • antidiscrimination
  • telecommunication
  • nondiscrimination
  • misrepresentation
  • mischaracterization
  • internationalization
  • industrialization
  • decriminalization
  • transillumination
  • self-determination
  • renationalization
  • recapitalization
  • prestidigitation
  • misinterpretation
  • misidentification
  • miscommunication
  • experimentation
  • excommunication
  • disqualification
  • discontinuation
  • denationalization
  • decentralization
  • transplantation
  • singularization
  • self-perpetuation
  • securitization
  • reinterpretation

How do you pronounce collaboration?

Pronounce collaboration as kəˌlæbərˈeɪʃən.

US - How to pronounce collaboration in American English

UK - How to pronounce collaboration in British English

Sentences with collaboration

1. Noun, singular or mass
A team environment fosters collaboration and competition, both of which are valuable in the workplace.

Quotes about collaboration

1. I sincerely hope I can contribute to the progress there has been in relations between Jews and Catholics since the Second Vatican Council in a spirit of renewed collaboration.
- Pope Francis

2. We hope that through these trade arrangements, through collaboration in training, in manpower development, and what have you, ASEAN in, say, ten years' time, will be a very different ASEAN.
- Sellapan Ramanathan

3. Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.
- Andre Gide

2. collaboration

noun. ['kəˌlæbɝˈeɪʃən'] act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country.


  • collaborationism
  • quislingism


  • rival
  • champion
  • semifinalist