1. coincidentally

adverb. ['koʊˌɪnsɪˈdɛntəli'] happening at the same time.

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Rhymes with Coincidentally

  • experimentally
  • environmentally
  • developmentally
  • temperamentally
  • monumentally
  • incrementally
  • fundamentally
  • continentally
  • accidentally
  • mentally
  • kennelly
  • kenneally
  • hennelly
  • fennelly

How do you pronounce coincidentally?

Pronounce coincidentally as koʊˌɪnsɪˈdɛntəli.

US - How to pronounce coincidentally in American English

UK - How to pronounce coincidentally in British English

Sentences with coincidentally

1. Adverb
They live singular lives and come into contact other than coincidentally only during breeding season.