1. clutches

noun. ['ˈklʌtʃəz, ˈklʌtʃɪz'] the act of grasping.


  • grasping
  • embracement
  • clutch
  • choke hold
  • wrestling hold
  • prehension
  • grip
  • seizing
  • grasp
  • embrace
  • embracing
  • clasp
  • taking hold
  • chokehold
  • hold


  • unclasp
  • let go of
  • bore
  • incapability

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Rhymes with Clutches

  • crutches
  • touches

Sentences with clutches

1. Noun, plural
Unfortunately, their pale blue eggs in clutches of three and four are a welcome sight to several predators.

Quotes about clutches

1. He then put both hands on the door on either side of my head and leaned in close, pinning me against it. I trembled like a downy rabbit caught in the clutches of a wolf. The wolf came closer. He bent his head and began nuzzling my cheek. The problem was…I wanted the wolf to devour me.
- Colleen Houck, Tiger's Curse

2. Anthony looked down at his evil clutches -- hands, he reminded himself, hands -- and grinned anew.
- Julia Quinn, The Viscount Who Loved Me