1. clustered

adjective. ['ˈklʌstɝd'] growing close together but not in dense mats.


  • unsocial

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Rhymes with Clustered

  • flustered
  • mustered
  • mustard
  • custard
  • bustard

Sentences with clustered

1. Verb, past participle
Needles are clustered on the branch in groups of three or five.

2. Adjective
Basket-of-gold (Aurinia saxatilis) is a perennial plant that produces clustered flowers in gold to yellow hues.

Quotes about clustered

1. Cultures, along with the religions that shape and nurture them, are value systems, sets of traditions and habits clustered around one or several languages, producing meaning: for the self, for the here and now, for the community, for life.
- Tariq Ramadan

2. clustered

adjective. ['ˈklʌstɝd'] clustered together but not coherent.


  • agglomerated
  • agglomerate
  • agglomerative


  • separate
  • disintegrative
  • divided
  • capitalistic