1. claustrophobic

adjective. ['ˌklɔstrəˈfoʊbɪk'] suffering from claustrophobia; abnormally afraid of closed-in places.


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  • -ic (English)
  • -ique (French)
  • claustrophobia (English)

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Rhymes with Claustrophobic

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  • anaerobic
  • aerobic
  • sobek
  • dobek
  • bobek

How do you pronounce claustrophobic?

Pronounce claustrophobic as ˌklɔstrəˈfoʊbɪk.

US - How to pronounce claustrophobic in American English

UK - How to pronounce claustrophobic in British English

Sentences with claustrophobic

1. Adjective
But it could be even more essential for a small office where clutter can feel claustrophobic in a hurry.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Maybe he feels claustrophobic in his tiny box.

3. Noun, plural
Dark-colored carpet or wood flooring can cause a room to feel dull, gloomy, and even claustrophobic.

Quotes about claustrophobic

1. I really wouldn't want to live in America. I found New York claustrophobic and dirty. I missed England when I was there, simple things like smells and the British sense of humor.
- Jonny Lee Miller

2. claustrophobic

adjective. ['ˌklɔstrəˈfoʊbɪk'] uncomfortably closed or hemmed in.


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  • -ic (English)
  • -ique (French)
  • claustrophobia (English)