1. clandestine

adjective. ['klænˈdɛstɪn'] conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods.


  • undercover
  • underground
  • hole-and-corner
  • cloak-and-dagger
  • hugger-mugger
  • hush-hush
  • covert
  • surreptitious


  • exoteric
  • public
  • acknowledged
  • outward


  • clandestin (French)

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How do you pronounce clandestine?

Pronounce clandestine as klænˈdɛstɪn.

US - How to pronounce clandestine in American English

UK - How to pronounce clandestine in British English

Sentences with clandestine

1. Adjective
They tend to be clandestine in nature, preferring to always remain close to cover.

2. Noun, singular or mass
The elimination of bubbles makes the Draeger ideal for clandestine amphibious operations, says the American Special Ops website.

Quotes about clandestine

1. I consider myself Istanbul's storyteller. My subject matter is my town. I consider it my job to explore the hidden patterns of my city's clandestine corners, its shady, mysterious places, the things I love.
- Orhan Pamuk