1. claimant

noun. ['ˈkleɪmənt'] someone who claims a benefit or right or title.


  • Pretender
  • applicant

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Rhymes with Claimant

  • prepayment
  • nonpayment
  • downpayment
  • repayment
  • embayment
  • copayment
  • arcement
  • rayment
  • payment

How do you pronounce claimant?

Pronounce claimant as ˈkleɪmənt.

US - How to pronounce claimant in American English

UK - How to pronounce claimant in British English

Sentences with claimant

1. Noun, singular or mass
A claimant will receive payments as a direct deposit

2. Adjective
Prepare the claimant information needed to register the claim.