1. chelonian

noun. a reptile of the order Chelonia.


  • Testudinata
  • order Testudines
  • turtle
  • anapsid reptile
  • Testudines
  • chelonian reptile
  • Chelonia
  • anapsid
  • order Chelonia


  • archosaurian reptile
  • saurian
  • Sphenodon punctatum
  • diapsid reptile

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Sentences with chelonian

1. Noun, singular or mass
These creatures only live in freshwater or brackish water, so if you see a chelonian in a marine environment, it's definitely a turtle, not a terrapin.

2. Adjective
When it senses danger or feels pressure upon its shell (called a carapace on top and plastron on bottom), a chelonian instinctively pulls its head, legs and feet inside the protective shell.