1. cephalopod

noun. ['ˈsɛfələˌpɑːd'] marine mollusk characterized by well-developed head and eyes and sucker-bearing tentacles.


  • cephalopod mollusk
  • nautilus
  • mollusc
  • shellfish
  • mollusk
  • pearly nautilus
  • dibranch
  • octopod
  • chambered nautilus
  • dibranchiate mollusk
  • decapod
  • class Cephalopoda
  • Cephalopoda

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How do you pronounce cephalopod?

Pronounce cephalopod as ˈsɛfələˌpɑd.

US - How to pronounce cephalopod in American English

UK - How to pronounce cephalopod in British English

Sentences with cephalopod

1. Noun, singular or mass
Sepia, an artist’s dye, is made from the ink of the cuttlefish, a cephalopod.

2. Adjective
In the cephalopod class of mollusk, tentacles take the place of a foot.

2. cephalopod

adjective. ['ˈsɛfələˌpɑːd'] relating or belonging to the class Cephalopoda.