1. cellular

adjective. ['ˈsɛljəlɝ'] characterized by or divided into or containing cells or compartments (the smallest organizational or structural unit of an organism or organization).


  • cavitied
  • multicellular
  • cell-like
  • alveolate
  • cancellate
  • cancellated
  • lymphoblast-like
  • pitted
  • cancellous
  • honeycombed


  • nonreticulate
  • one-celled
  • single-celled
  • acellular

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Example sentences of the word cellular

1. Adjective
Select a cellular phone and calling plan for your new line of service.

Quotes containing the word cellular

1. The well-being of a neuron depends on its ability to communicate with other neurons. Studies have shown that electrical and chemical stimulation from both a neuron's inputs and its targets support vital cellular processes. Neurons unable to connect effectively with other neurons atrophy. Useless, an abandoned neuron will die.
- Lisa Genova, Still Alice

2. The asana practice is extremely powerful and unique in design. In addition to improved flexibility, circulation, muscular strength and increased energy, and detoxification of the organs, each pose unblocks life force energy (prana) pathways in your body, reprograms your cellular DNA and connects us to our spiritual origin.
- Dashama Konah Gordon, Journey to Joyful: Transform Your Life with Pranashama Yoga