1. cattail

noun. tall erect herbs with sword-shaped leaves; cosmopolitan in fresh and salt marshes.


  • Typha latifolia
  • reed mace
  • Typha
  • reedmace
  • lesser bullrush
  • narrow-leaved reedmace
  • bulrush
  • genus Typha
  • bullrush
  • bog plant
  • Typha angustifolia
  • soft flag
  • nailrod
  • swamp plant
  • narrow-leaf cattail
  • marsh plant

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Example sentences of the word cattail

1. Noun, singular or mass
Watch the cattail plants in the last half of the summer and remove the brown cattail heads while they are still brown prior to the heads exploding with seeds.

2. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Young cattail shoots can be eaten raw or cooked.

3. Adjective
Good choices in this category include cattail stalks, corn husks, crab grass, Joe-pye weed, some ornamental grasses, mugwort, rush and wheat straw.