1. categorical

adjective. ['ˌkætəˈgɑːrɪkəl, ˌkætəˈgɔrɪkəl'] relating to or included in a category or categories.


  • bright

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Rhymes with Categorical

  • metaphorical
  • historical
  • rhetorical
  • morrical

How do you pronounce categorical?

Pronounce categorical as ˌkætəˈgɔrɪkəl.

US - How to pronounce categorical in American English

UK - How to pronounce categorical in British English

Sentences with categorical

1. Adjective
Draft a categorical list of any financial expenses you expect to encounter when renting the apartment.

2. categorical

adjective. ['ˌkætəˈgɑːrɪkəl, ˌkætəˈgɔrɪkəl'] not modified or restricted by reservations.


  • categoric
  • flat
  • unconditional


  • conditional
  • modified
  • competent
  • eligible