1. glycoside

noun. ['ˈglaɪkəˌsaɪd'] a group of compounds derived from monosaccharides.


  • organic compound
  • glucoside
  • nucleoside

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Rhymes with Cardiac Glycoside

Sentences with cardiac-glycoside

1. Noun Phrase
Taking hydrochlorothiazide with digitalis, wallflower or lilly of the valley raises your risk for cardiac glycoside toxicity 13.

2. Noun Phrase
They both contain naturally occurring cardiac glycosides, the source of prescription digitalis, a potent heart medication.

3. Noun Phrase
It can also treat cardiac arrhythmias caused by the drug Digitalis, a cardiac glycoside.

4. Noun Phrase
Foxglove contains digitalis, a cardiac glycoside prescribed by doctors to treat cardiovascular disease.