1. calamitous

adjective. ['kəˈlæmətəs'] (of events) having extremely unfortunate or dire consequences; bringing ruin.


  • disastrous
  • fatal
  • black
  • fateful


  • achiever
  • privileged
  • lucky
  • successful


  • -ous (English)
  • calamity (English)

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Rhymes with Calamitous

  • circuitous
  • duplicitous
  • felicitous
  • fortuitous
  • gratuitous
  • momentous
  • portentous
  • precipitous
  • riotous
  • serendipitous
  • solicitous
  • ubiquitous

Sentences with calamitous

1. Adjective
This is one more of the calamitous effects of deforestation.

Quotes about calamitous

1. You have to take your own bold approach, and if you do you will be rewarded with success. Or calamitous failure. That can happen too.
- Steven Moffat

2. It is our attitude toward events, not events themselves, which we can control. Nothing is by its own nature calamitous -- even death is terrible only if we fear it.
- Epictetus