1. buzzard

noun. ['ˈbʌzɝd'] a New World vulture that is common in South America and Central America and the southern United States.


  • cathartid
  • turkey vulture
  • New World vulture
  • genus Cathartes
  • turkey buzzard
  • Cathartes


  • busart (French)

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How do you pronounce buzzard?

Pronounce buzzard as ˈbəzərd.

US - How to pronounce buzzard in American English

UK - How to pronounce buzzard in British English

Sentences with buzzard

1. Verb, base form
In North America, the Buteo genus refers to hawks or buzzard hawks.

2. Noun, singular or mass
A turkey buzzard will often stick its entire head inside a dead animal's carcass to eat.

2. buzzard

noun. ['ˈbʌzɝd'] the common European short-winged hawk.


  • hawk
  • genus Buteo
  • Buteo buteo


  • busart (French)