1. burdensome

adjective. ['ˈbɝːdənsəm'] not easily borne; wearing; I only had to greet the guests".


  • onerous
  • heavy


  • effortless
  • nonpregnant
  • unimportant


  • -some (English)
  • σῶμα (Ancient Greek (to 1453))
  • burden (English)
  • byrþen (Old English (ca. 450-1100))

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Example sentences of the word burdensome

1. Adjective
Keeping the fire stoked, while trying to keep the house clean is burdensome and time consuming.

2. Verb, past participle
Compliance with these laws can be burdensome and expensive for corporations.

3. Noun, singular or mass
Further burdensome was the number of hurricanes in the past year that ravaged parts of Central America.

Quotes containing the word burdensome

1. I was living an extremely burdensome life, because every time I prayed, I became more clearly aware of my faults. On the one hand, God was calling me. On the other, I was following the way of the world. Doing what God wanted made me happy; but I felt bound by the things of this world.
- Saint Teresa of Avila

2. As Lucretius says: 'Thus ever from himself doth each man flee.' But what does he gain if he does not escape from himself? He ever follows himself and weighs upon himself as his own most burdensome companion. And so we ought to understand that what we struggle with is the fault, not of the places, but of ourselves
- Seneca, The Stoic Philosophy of Seneca: Essays and Letters