1. brevity

noun. ['ˈbrɛvəti'] the use of brief expressions.


  • impermanence

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  • longevity

How do you pronounce brevity?

Pronounce brevity as ˈbrɛvəti.

US - How to pronounce brevity in American English

UK - How to pronounce brevity in British English

Example sentences of the word brevity

1. Noun, singular or mass
Focus on brevity, using as few words as possible to get your point across accurately.

Quotes containing the word brevity

1. Brevity is the soul of lingerie.
- Dorothy Parker, While Rome Burns

2. How very paltry and limited the normal human intellect is, and how little lucidity there is in the human consciousness, may be judged from the fact that, despite the ephemeral brevity of human life, the uncertainty of our existence and the countless enigmas which press upon us from all sides, everyone does not continually and ceaselessly philosophize, but that only the rarest of exceptions do.
- Arthur Schopenhauer

3. I confess to wincing every so often at a poorly chosen word, a mangled sentence, an expression of emotion that seems indulgent or overly practiced. I have the urge to cut the book by fifty pages or so, possessed as I am with a keener appreciation for brevity.
- Barack Obama

2. brevity

noun. ['ˈbrɛvəti'] the attribute of being brief or fleeting.


  • duration
  • transience
  • length


  • short
  • shortness
  • permanence
  • long