1. breakup

noun. ['ˈbreɪˌkəp'] the termination or disintegration of a relationship (between persons or nations).


  • splitsville
  • annulment
  • ending
  • invalidation
  • dissolution
  • termination


  • decrease
  • increase
  • acceleration
  • deceleration

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Example sentences of the word breakup

1. Noun, singular or mass
Discuss with your ex what you'll tell family and friends about the reason for the breakup.

Quotes containing the word breakup

1. I can still love an ex as a person, regardless if the breakup was bad. I would never wish anything negative on them. It takes more energy to hate them than to wish them well.
- Ashley Greene

2. Uh-uh, dude. I tried it your way with the dating and the girls and the kissing and the drama, and man, I didn't like it. Plus, my best friend is a walking cautionary tale of what happens to you when romantic relationships don't involve marriage. Like you always say, kafir, everything ends in breakup, divorce, or death. I want to narrow my misery options to divorce or death - that's all.
- John Green, An Abundance of Katherines

2. breakup

noun. ['ˈbreɪˌkəp'] coming apart.


  • alteration
  • separation
  • rupture
  • severance
  • detachment
  • breach
  • change
  • modification
  • break
  • rift


  • tightening
  • loosening
  • union
  • connectedness