1. boyfriend

noun. ['ˈbɔɪˌfrɛnd'] a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman.


  • man
  • young man
  • lover
  • adult male
  • swain
  • fellow


  • female
  • juvenile
  • draftee
  • volunteer

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Rhymes with Boyfriend

  • bookend
  • dividend
  • downtrend
  • eastend
  • exboyfriend
  • girlfriend
  • godsend
  • goodfriend
  • gutfreund
  • hornblende
  • outspend
  • overspend
  • pitchblende
  • riverbend
  • townshend
  • uptrend
  • wallsend
  • weekend

How do you spell boyfriend? Is it boyfreind ?

A common misspelling of boyfriend is boyfreind

Sentences with boyfriend

1. Noun, singular or mass
Tell your parents about your boyfriend and let them know you would like them to meet him.

2. Verb, base form
This is an excellent first visit as it allows your parents and boyfriend to get to know one another.

Quotes about boyfriend

1. The guys in my band are great-we watch movies, we eat pizza, take walks, read books. Everybody has a really great sense of humor. And my boyfriend comes and visits me on the road.
- Lisa Loeb

2. I got my first camera when I was 21 - my boyfriend gave it to me for my birthday - but at that point politics was my life, and I viewed the camera as a tool for expressing my political beliefs rather than as an art medium.
- Carrie Mae Weems

3. A strong sense of humor, a really awesome personality, and maturity is also really important in a boyfriend. I tend to only be attracted to older guys for that reason. I just love guys who have a really strong sense of who they are.
- Elizabeth Gillies

2. ex-boyfriend

noun. ['ˈɛksˈbɔɪˌfrɛnd'] a man who is no longer a woman's boyfriend.


  • adult male


  • female
  • juvenile