1. bough

noun. ['ˈbaʊ'] any of the larger branches of a tree.


  • tree branch

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Rhymes with Bough

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  • mindanao
  • disavow
  • disallow
  • qingdao
  • mcdow
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How do you pronounce bough?

Pronounce bough as baʊ.

US - How to pronounce bough in American English

UK - How to pronounce bough in British English

Sentences with bough

1. Noun, singular or mass
Find a bough of wood that is 1 inch thick and between 10 and 12 inches long.

Quotes about bough

1. I shall have peace, as leafy trees are peaceful When rain bends down the bough; And I shall be more silent and cold-hearted Than you are now.
- Sara Teasdale, Rivers to the Sea

2. A fallen blossomreturning to the bough, I thought --But no, a butterfly.
- Arakida Moritake, Traditional Japanese Poetry: An Anthology

3. The Rubik's Cube of Omár my Mán A Key of Coke underneath the Bough,A Jug of Jack, a Brick of Hash ~ Newsflash:'Now who the fuck needs Thou'.
- Beryl Dov