1. boggy

adjective. (of soil) soft and watery.


  • sloppy
  • marshy
  • muddy
  • wet
  • waterlogged
  • soggy
  • sloughy
  • miry
  • swampy
  • mucky
  • squashy


  • careful
  • tight
  • unemotional
  • tidy

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Sentences with boggy

1. Noun, singular or mass
Because most ivies spread by stems that grow over the soil and produce roots along the stems, boggy or wet soil will cause the stems to rot.

2. Adjective
Cleveland pear trees that are planted in boggy soil or that receive too much water can contract root rot when their roots stand in water all the time.

3. Adverb
Some of the trail gets boggy in the spring after heavy rains.

4. Verb, base form
Evergreen trees and shrubs are available for all levels of moisture from dry to boggy.