Synonyms and Antonyms for bog-rein-orchid

1. bog rein orchid (n.)

orchid with spikes of many fragrant white flowers on erect leafy stems; of wet or boggy ground through most of the West and northern North America


2. orchid (n.)

any of numerous plants of the orchid family usually having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colors

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3. rein (n.)

one of a pair of long straps (usually connected to the bit or the headpiece) used to control a horse

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4. rein (v.)

control and direct with or as if by reins

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5. rein (v.)

stop or check by or as if by a pull at the reins

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6. rein (v.)

stop or slow up one's horse or oneself by or as if by pulling the reins

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7. rein (n.)

any means of control

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8. bog (n.)

wet spongy ground of decomposing vegetation; has poorer drainage than a swamp; soil is unfit for cultivation but can be cut and dried and used for fuel

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9. bog (v.)

cause to slow down or get stuck

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10. bog (v.)

get stuck while doing something

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